How to Conduct Informal Meetings

When you think about formal meetings, you may imagine a gathering with an agenda that is precise, a designated speaker, and a strict procedure. There could also be a person who notes the meeting according to certain guidelines and use formal language. For informal meetings, these guidelines may not be in place.

The topic of the meeting will largely determine the atmosphere and how people interact whether through discussion or voting. A meeting that is solely focused on the discussion of old work or loose ends could provide a fantastic opportunity to discuss important issues that have been left unfinished and how they will affect the future work. Similarly, a meeting with an agenda item that focuses on new business plans can be an excellent forum for discussing the new initiatives and discussing how they fit in the overall business strategy.

It is essential for participants to feel comfortable in making their voice heard and not be concerned about what they might be viewed as. You might want to ask a person who is not comfortable speaking to elaborate on a subject suggested by another member of the group. This will keep the meeting focused on the concepts themselves rather than a clash of personalities. It is essential to keep the conversation on topic and ensure that a quorum is present throughout the meeting. It is also advisable to follow-up with attendees following the meeting to solicit feedback, since this will reinforce the importance of their participation in the meeting’s outcome.

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