How to Connect False Eyelashes

How to Connect False Eyelashes

Momi eyelashes guide you in detail on how to connect false eyelashes

False eyelashes are a popular item used by women today.

It is attached directly to the eyes, creating a fuller and more soulful look, especially for the dogs whose lashes are not well-balanced and sparse.

In addition, it is also seen as indispensable jewelry for women when attending big parties, going to weddings, or attending festivals, …

So what are eyelash extensions? How to connect eyelashes? and whether using time is long, with find out in the article below.

However, first, going to the eyelash extension, will briefly explain to you about false eyelashes and the current types of false eyelashes.

How to Connect False Eyelashes

What are false eyelashes?

As its name implies, false eyelashes are false eyelashes that are usually made and processed with plastic material or possibly from real hair.

There are many types of false lashes, including some popular ones, such as soft (silk), mink, and flat.

Depending on the purpose of use, when using, you can choose the right type of eyelashes that is suitable for you, depending on the actual eyelashes that you have available.

False eyelashes will be attached to the eyelids, creating a feeling for the face to be fuller and more angular, not sparse, looking lacking vitality.

So what types of false eyelashes are there nowadays? Along Momi Eyelash answered in the bottom


Types of false eyelashes today

There are two types of false eyelashes that are commonly used today.

Includes removable and eye-mounted types.

Detachable lashes are pre-shaped lashes that can be easily removed and inserted.

This type of eyelash has the advantage of being easy to remove, easy to use, cheap, but the downside is that it doesn’t look real and natural.

The direct-connected false lashes are eyelashes made from many small hairs, and through the processing process, they will form eyelashes with different long teams.

With the advantage of being beautiful, creating a natural look, it looks no different from real eyelashes, but the downside is that it takes time to connect and lasts only 1-3 months.

(Because it is attached directly to the eye with eyelash glue, after a while the glue will fall off.)

Nowadays, reshaped false eyelashes are mainly used for brides at weddings.

As for direct-connected false eyelashes, anyone can use it.

How to Connect False Eyelashes

What kind of lashes to use for extensions

The direct extension type will be used for the extensions, the average time it will take from 1-2 hours.

To produce eyelashes to connect directly to the eyes, people use the type of eyelashes

This type of eyelash goes through many processing processes and to shape, and create a curvature suitable for false eyelashes.

Full eyelashes will go through the following basic processing processes:

1 Choose the right hair type

2 Pull hair, proceed to remove hair from the curl, and pull it up in a row.

3 Cut hair, conduct haircut according to the required length in advance.

4 Curl the hair, curl the hair in a specified team length eg CC curvature, D curvature then dry the hair.

5 Attach the hair to the blister, onto the blister so that it is fixed on a manufacturer’s label sheet or in the private label unit.

6 QC – Check the goods again, any hair that is damaged or diagonal will be adjusted to make it beautiful.

7 Close the call back into the box and put the box in the big box.

The circumference is enough, the following is the process of applying false eyelashes directly to the eyes.

How to Connect False Eyelashes

How to Connect False Eyelashes

How to connect false eyelashes

Eyelash extensions will be done at establishments and spas that offer eyelash extensions.

The worker will use eyelashes combined with a special glue to attach the eyelashes to your eyelids.

The average procedure takes about 30–60 minutes to do the extensions, depending on the different styles.

This is a special glue that is specifically intended for applying eyelashes to your eyes!

How to Connect False Eyelashes

Connect false eyelashes 3 basic steps

1. Carry out cleaning the eye area to ensure that the eyelash extensions are not affected by dirt.

Can be cleaned with cold water + cotton remover or normal saline, makeup remover (when guests have makeup).

2. After cleaning, the technician will advise you on choosing the most suitable and beautiful eyelash extensions.

Use a piece of tape to fix the lower lashes to avoid getting uncomfortable when squinting, closing your eyes.

Brushing real lashes of customers makes them separate, easy to attach false eyelashes to real eyelashes.

3. Carry out eyelash extensions, pull out each false eyelash from the blister, and stick to real lashes to ensure the best naturalness.

This is a process that requires meticulousness, the worker must have a good technique to be able to use tweezers to get the false eyelashes and glue attached to the real eyelashes correctly.

Current eyelash extensions methods

Current eyelash extensions will have 2 back, including:

Method 1

Dip your false lashes into the glue and apply directly to 1/2 of the length of your eyelashes while choosing a moderate length and curvature.

When using this method, the craftsman needs strong workmanship and delicate eyes to have a beautiful and natural eyelash for the client.

The lifespan of the eyelashes for this method will average 1–3 months.

However, the cost of this method will usually be quite high due to the time it takes.

Method 2

Another method is to attach false eyelashes to the eyelids, next to the real eyelashes in a sole style.

This is a common extension, often applied in salons, spas for most types of eyelashes.

With the advantage of not spending much time, suitable for thick eyelash extensions, but the lifespan is usually shorter than method 1.

The downside is that your eyes will be stained, itchy for the first few days.

So good curtain has complete instructions on how to attach false eyelashes to the eyes.

The article is not meant to show you how to get extensions because extensions need skill and sophistication.

We write this article to show yourself, the extensions can show how extensions are like helping you to understand more about false eyelash extensions.

How to Connect False Eyelashes
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How to Connect False Eyelashes
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